Our strong ties and
commitment to our host communities have been fundamental to our success

as one of the leading oil and gas companies in Nigeria. Since inception, we have prioritized sustainable community development through the creation of shared value for our local communities which has been critical in not only achieving operational success but also protecting the Company’s social license to operate.

Health & Safety

Asharami Energy is committed to the achievement of highest known standards of quality, health, security and safety in all our operations

We continuously upgrade our processes and systems to reduce accidents and ill-health, protect the natural environment and avoid unnecessary losses and liabilities. We recognize that accidents and work-related ill-health stem primarily from human factors and failings in management controls.

Corporate Governance

Asharami Energy has developed its corporate governance framework

The business principles focus on People, Conduct, Society and Environment. Our corporate governance structure is based on the principles of Fairness, Accountability, Responsibility and Transparency using well-articulated mechanisms to embed them in our three levels of governance operations


Board of Directors


Executive Management



We are committed to maintaining the highest standard of corporate governance while taking into cognizance the expectations of our stakeholders.