Ashrami Energy and Communities Sign Global Memorandum of Understanding

As part of Asharami Energy’s forward-thinking approach, a 3-year Global Memorandum of Understanding (GMoU) was signed with its OML148 Host Communities – Ajoki and Ajamimogha in Edo State. Over the years, the GMoU model has encouraged and empowered communities to work together with other stakeholders for the promotion of the development of the community, sustained

Asharami Energy’s Courtsey Visit to the Anambra State Government

As part of efforts toward ensuring an all-inclusive stakeholder engagement, the management of Sahara Upstream Petroleum Limited (SUPNL) paid a courtesy visit to the Anambra State Government on Thursday 10th February 2022. The objective of the courtesy visit was to inform and update the State government on the ongoing seismic activity on the OPL 228

Asharami Energy Provides Access to Clean Water

At Asharami Energy, we were aware that community members wake up in the morning around four o’clock and go to an unprotected stream to fetch water. Both adults and little children have walked a four (4) kilometres round trip to collect water from the stream. The time between walking and waiting in line to fetch